NFL Retirement Planning

Todd Scott: Achievement-Driven Former All Pro Turned Real Estate Guru

Todd wants to teach former, active and recent athletes how to leverage their net worth for life-long financial security.

Todd Scott played eight seasons in the NFL for four different teams (i.e., Minnesota Vikings, Tampa Bay Bucaneers, New York Jets, Kansas City Chiefs). Scott, an all pro safety, traces his NFL success back to his home town. The Galveston, Texas native played little league and high school ball with a plethora of pros include: Eric Hill (Arizona Cardinals), Patrick Bates (Oakland Raiders), Kimble Anders (Kansas City Chiefs), Anthony Phillips (Atlanta Falcons), Terry Irving (Arizona Cardinals), Patrice Alexander (Washington Redskins), Tim Denton (Atlanta Falcons) and George McCullough (Tennessee Titans). He also had an all pro dad, Charles Scott, who taught him the value of education, hard work and mentorship. The mentorship provided by former NFL coaches Dennie Green, Tony Dungy, Herm Edwards and Lovie Smith taught Scott the value of giving back and applying the African proverb “each one teach one.”

In addition to the coaching Scott received as a football player, he credits Pastor Kirby John Caldwell for his greatest transformation. Scott has been of loyal and faithful member of Windsor Village United Methodist Church, which lead to his vision to expand his small residential real estate business. Scott credits his tenure as a Player Development Director for the Houston Texans and the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) for his success in real estate. His model of buying single family homes and small apartment complexes has turned in to a viable small business. Simply put, Scott makes money while he sleeps with passive income from his residential real estate enterprise. Scott has plans on expanding Great Scott Enterprises by teaching former, active and recent athletes how to leverage their net worth for life-long financial security.

NFL Athlete Financial Facts

Sports Illustrated recently estimated that 80% of retired NFL players go broke in their first three years out of the League.


Lack of Competent Financial Planning Advice

Just like most individuals, athletes are NOT trained in budgeting, the tax system, and long term financial planning.

Supporting Extended Family & Friends

Some athletes feel obliged to provide financial support to family, extended family and friends.

Sudden End of Career

Athletes forget that the current rate of compensation will not last and that they can be terminated due to injury at any point.

Adjusting to Lifestyle Change

After retirement from the NFL athletes assume the revenue will be coming forever. Players have a hard time adjusting to a money cautious lifestyle change.

Don't Become Apart of the Statistics

Let GSE assist with leading you on the right path to real estate investment success.

When you become a client of Great Scott Enterprises, one of the very first things that we'll do together is carefully set up a plan that's right for you based on your financial goals. We'll look at the exact steps you need to take to implement that plan, so that you can be guaranteed the time and effort you invest in your real estate career will lead directly to the goals and income you've set for yourself. Getting the understanding and insight you need to succeed in real estate is the PRIORITY of Great Scott Enterprises.

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